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The Singer of Shanghai 31st Jan 23

The Singer of Shanghai explores the experiences of the Jewish refugees in Shanghai, China, during World War II and celebrates their courage and also the compassion of the Chinese people who offered them refuge. The play was performed by drama students at Broughton High School as part of Holocaust Memorial Day commemorations on 31st January 2023. The performance was directed by the playwright who is a renowned historian and expert on the Jewish refugees of Shanghai, Professor Kevin Ostoyich of Valparaiso University, USA.

Past Events

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These two events were inspired by the COP26 Environmental Conference in November 2021. We are grateful to our funders (National Lottery Community Fund Awards for All, Netherlee & Clarkston Charitable Trust and Fanny & Moray Glasser Charitable Trust), venues (Reid School of Music and Salisbury Centre), our workshop partner Edinburgh Interfaith Association and all our presenters and performers.


A series of interviews with

David Ian Neville

David Iain Neville in conversation with Ellen Galford 19th November 2020

David Iain Neville in conversation with Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Hugo Rifkind: 27th May 2020


Stephanie Brickman and Phil Alexander


David Iain Neville in conversation with singer/ songwriter Daniel Cainer : 27th August 2020

Women in Medicine: Dr Judy Evans and Dr Susan Shenkin


Ethical Challenges to the Torah

Rabbi Dr Moshe Freedman


Torah Queeries, Leviticus Revisited

Rabbi Mark Solomon


My Life as a Jewish Orthodox Comedian

Rachel Creeger


Who wrote the Torah? An Islamic Perspective

Rabbi Natan Levy


Understanding G-d

Isaac Ansell-Forsyth


#MeToo: Sexual Abuse in the Bible

Sarah Bronzite


The Good, the Bad and The Ugly - Jewish Business Ethics

Mark Creeger


Sleep, How do we achieve it and What does the Torah have to say about it

Jane Ansell


The Unlikely Warrior

Rabbi Reuben Livingstone 

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