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Janet Mundy

Janet was the co-founder with Jane Ansell of the Edinburgh Jewish Dialogue, and Edinburgh Jewish Cultural Centre and is a professional fundraiser. In 2019, she served as co-chair of Limmud Scotland (Jewish Day of Learning), the first of its kind to be offered in Edinburgh.


Adrian Harris

Adrian served as chief executive for the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh for fourteen years. Prior to this he was the director of Theatre Workshop in Edinburgh and has over 40 years of managing cultural organisations.



Jane Ansell

Jane was the co-founder of the Edinburgh Jewish Dialogue and is vice chair of the Edinburgh Jewish Cultural Centre. In 1988, she founded Sleep Scotland and developed Teens+ Education Centre in 2006.  She coordinates the Edinburgh Jewish Cultural Centre Learning for All programme, and is a member of Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation.



Ella Lambert

Ella Lambert was previously EJCC’s administrator while studying for her degree in Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh, and is now a trustee and co-presenter of EJCC’s podcasts. In her free time, Ella plays guitar and sings at open mics around Edinburgh and on social media. She now works as a project manager at Luto Research, specialising in patient information and health communication.


Stephanie Mitchell

Stephanie is a member of the Edinburgh Liberal Jewish Community (Sukkat Shalom) and is a civil servant with the Scottish Government.  


David Ian Neville

David Ian Neville is a member of the Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation and an award-winning writer, director and producer working in theatre, audio and screen. Over the past twenty-five years he's been producing and directing radio drama for the BBC.

Phil Alexander

Phil Alexander teaches Performance and music history at the University of Edinburgh. He is also a busy musician, previously leading the band Moishe’s Bagel and collaborating regularly with folk and jazz musicians around the UK and beyond. His book about Jewish music in Berlin was published by Oxford University Press in 2021, and he scripted and presented a documentary about Russian Jewish synagogue cantor Isaac Hirshow for BBC Radio 4 in July 2023. Phil composes and performs music segments for EJCC events and podcasts.
Benjamin Carey
With a focus on tourism and shared heritage as drivers of recovery and sustainable development, Benjamin advises on tourism strategy and heritage policy. He has worked in more than 60 countries, including Iraq, Rwanda and Ukraine, and throughout the Holy Land. Closer to home, he advised the Edinburgh Slavery & Colonialism Legacy Review and has been appointed to the Scottish Government’s Tourism & Hospitality Industry Leadership Group. His mother was a Holocaust survivor.

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