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These two events were inspired by the COP26 Environmental Conference in November 2021. We are grateful to our funders (National Lottery Community Fund Awards for All, Netherlee & Clarkston Charitable Trust and Fanny & Moray Glasser Charitable Trust), venues (Reid School of Music and Salisbury Centre), our workshop partner Edinburgh Interfaith Association and all our presenters and performers.


A series of interviews with

David Ian Neville

David Iain Neville in conversation with Ellen Galford 19th November 2020

David Iain Neville in conversation with Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Hugo Rifkind: 27th May 2020


Stephanie Brickman and Phil Alexander


David Iain Neville in conversation with singer/ songwriter Daniel Cainer : 27th August 2020

Women in Medicine: Dr Judy Evans and Dr Susan Shenkin


Ethical Challenges to the Torah

Rabbi Dr Moshe Freedman


Torah Queeries, Leviticus Revisited

Rabbi Mark Solomon


My Life as a Jewish Orthodox Comedian

Rachel Creeger


Who wrote the Torah? An Islamic Perspective

Rabbi Natan Levy


Understanding G-d

Isaac Ansell-Forsyth


#MeToo: Sexual Abuse in the Bible

Sarah Bronzite


The Good, the Bad and The Ugly - Jewish Business Ethics

Mark Creeger


Sleep, How do we achieve it and What does the Torah have to say about it

Jane Ansell


The Unlikely Warrior

Rabbi Reuben Livingstone